Sunday, November 11, 2012

My Scandinavian Cook

Chance has been on a recipe Kick........I'm not sure why......but then again......It is Chance I'm blogging about.  He has given me numerous recipes this week right from his own recipe book.  One of them was strawberry cake..It went something like this.... 7 strawberrys
                                                                       cake dough
                                                                        then we put in the oven 25 minits.

another couple I'll share with you that I'm sure you'll enjoy...

I'm not sure what this one is called but he wrote:  Moms make the dough.
                                                                          7 red raisins and fold the dough
                                                                           cook the dough in the microwave for 21 minutes
                                                                           eat and enjoy.

Here's another favorite:  1 bnanu and 3 scoops of ice cream,
                                      14 chockolits.  

here is one for Christmas tree cookies:  Sum peesis of dough
                                                            make the shape of a (christmas tree) he drew a tree

This one is my favorite

I was told it was for pizza but when I read it I was really getting a Scandinavian sound.     the little circle that we "poot" on is a pepperoni.

I was so proud of the kid for spelling Mushroom right, but noticed there was a scribbled out letter and then a P on the edge of the paper. Curiously I asked him what the P was for.
"That's the end of the word mushroomp." he said with a serious...very serious... expression.   "AHHHH!" says I

Oh and here's an apple juice recipe to wash it all down.
4 apples, blend the apples, Dun.

I do believe I should have this book professionally bound for posterity.  Each recipe is illustrated by the chef and quite colorful...

Let me know if you'd like a copy......29.99 each (remember it is beautifully illustrated and hand written by the chef himself)


Adams Family said...

I will need to taste some samples before making that decision.

Jenny said...

Chance just makes me smile!