Saturday, November 3, 2012

Halloween parade.

 I hate Halloween and My kids know it.  Thankfully, Braden and Caib don't care for it either, no dressing up for them.  But I try to be a good sport and dress up the little ones and we go to the costume parade.  Here are my few pictures. I know I Know..... I'm a poor sport but.....guess what dinner was last night while Roger and I spent the night out for our anniversary.......,I had planned with Aubree what she could make and left her with the responsibility of dinner.  They had Halloween candy.  I got suspicious when I got home and there were no dirty dishes and the kitchen was spotless......."Hmmm," thinks I, "I'm pretty sure they didn't clean up THAT good."  I was right.  They weren't hungry so they didn't eat dinner.  But 3/4's of their candy was gone.    I'd even made Home made whole wheat bread that day and it was untouched.  See why Mom's are so important and HALLOWEEN is NOT!!!!! ah well it only comes round once a year.  and yes (sheepishly) I loved halloween when I was little.    
That spooky little dracula

Suddenly spread his wings and flew away.

almost last in line Pippi Longstocking holding a fairy princess's hand.  I added this one because it's the only picture that shows her cute socks.

It makes me laugh because the hair fits the personality.  The skirt jumper was thrown together from some old wranglers (Thank heavens there's a need for old Wranglers and the stacks and stacks that I have.=)

Close up.

Grandma trying to keep all the spooks under control. and an excited dad in the background. I'm not sure who he is but I love the excitement radiating from his whole aura. 

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Techno Grandma said...

I was a smurf. That's as excited as I get about Halloween, too.