Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Love of Reading

"A picture says a thousand words"
We've read, Journey to the center of the earth, 20,000 leagues under the sea, and are now starting on Moby Dick. He really wanted to read Around the world in eighty Days because...
"It's by Jules Verne too, Mom" unfortunately we don't have that one....yet.
This is the kid who comes upstairs at 6:00 AM with his book in hand and comes and stands by my bed in the dark and says "Can we read some more Mom?"
It all started with information books...He LOVES to gather Facts and remembers them.
Truthfully, I don't mind. There's something about this kid that makes gathering information and learning things....FUN!!


smadamom said...

I love it when our kids are enthusiastic about something so it helps us do what we feel like we should do as a mother. Like read to our kids. He is starting to look old.

Suz said...

We need to get Milo and him together. Especially when it comes to animal facts.

Jenny said...

Ahh! That picture is so cute I might have to share it on my blog. I'm glad he's a reader. Knowing how smart he is I'm not surprised, though. I'm still dying to know what his IQ is.