Wednesday, February 1, 2012

First dogies have arrived

Dogie season has arrived. We started out with a little lamb. I don't think it knows how to shut up. If it's hungry it carries on and on if we just fed it it carries on and on if we go outside it jumps up and carries on. Yesterday the little thing lost it's voice for about half the day. But, this morning he'd found it and was right back at it. The little calf had a bit of a ruff start, I had to belly feed her with this contraption so that she would have enough nourishment to get up and eat. You just have to get the milk right into her belly and by pass the sucking being careful not to drown them.
She seems to have made it, though, and now she'll take a bottle. I think calves are the cutest baby animals ever!! She also got a night in the heat box.
So, now I'm almost to the point I can mix the milk up and send the little ones out to feed the dogies
I got a kick out of Oaklee's lamb feeding outfit. Typical little country girl (princess)
Notice the shoes. They're called Mucks, They're winter corral boot's She tried to find her cowboy boots to wear but these were a little more convenient. I LOVE country girls!!!


Techno Grandma said...

My Goodness! You feed that lamb mountain dew? No wonder it's hyper. ;)

Cowboy mom said...

I know, Right~!

susan said...

That IS an amazing outfit.

Such a sweet post! I always get a little jealous of you at dogie time. I know, I know it's a lot of work and adds to an already crazy life but there is something about helping a baby survive and grow that is so beautiful.

I thought Roger would get a chuckle out of this. My Christmas tree sprouted. All the little branches at the top have new buds on them some are even growing right out of the top. I guess I am raising a dogie Christmas Tree.

Suz said...

Wow you are amazing. When I first saw the contraption, I was worried you were going to post about enemas. Whew dodged that bullet.
I the princess feed gown, Oakley is true down to earth country princess. You should check out the book, Do Princess where hiking boots?- you'll love it.