Tuesday, November 1, 2011


A spooky parade

Except for this bunny. She was determined to have a costume that matched her two front teeth. and so....Sweet little not-so-scary bunny. She was a witch one year but for the most part she never has done scary.

a kitten and a ghost. The kitten let me pick the easiest thing I could think of and was happy. Especially since she now has a pretty skirt to dance in.
The Ghost kept switching from Super man to Indiana Jones to a ghost. I thought I had him talked into being Superman, but this morning he came to me and said, "Mom, I really think I need to be scarier I guess I'll be a Ghost." "grrrrr" says I in my head but I found an old sheet and quickly sewed a cape with a hood and painted his face. It worked, we all made it through Halloween one more year and it really wasn't to bad.

I Love Braden and Caib's Costumes!!! They were.......well......uh huh!! you guessed it..They were cowboys. I think for the last 15 years they've been cowboys in one way or the other about 85% of those years. =) That costume choice always makes me happy.


Jenny said...

Fun fun! Oaklee looks completely bored. ;)

Nana said...

Never can have too many cowboys!

Adams Family said...

Funny! Do Braden and Caib make you go get them new outfits each year. That would be the smart thing for them to do.