Sunday, November 13, 2011


After an hour or more of raking the anticipation finally meets it's end.





O.K. let's go in and get some Hot Chocolate

I still remember, as a child, the excitement when the leaves were on the ground. We'd make plans to go out and rake up all the leaves in sight. Not just our yard full of leaves but we planned to rake every yard on the block and haul all the leaves to our house and make the biggest leaf pile in the world, and then we were gonna jump off the house into it because there would be no way in the world that we would get hurt with that many leaves to jump into So.....I couldn't help it Friday, when I looked out the window and saw my kids busily raking Grandmas leafs up. She lives across the street. (she has more leafs then we do and besides all our leafs blow into her yard.)

So I headed out to help rake, despite the fact that my dentist had told me to take it easy because I have two teeth that have decided that they are done with this life and are dying. He did a root canal on the one and prepared the other one for a root canal but the infection has apparently settled in my sinuses and refuses to leave and then it started to move up into my eye. I guess that's not a good thing and I could have ended up in the hospital but he sent me to the clinic to get a shot and the swelling had mostly gone down so I couldn't help it, and we raked leaves, and then jumped into them, I think twice.

It was all worth it. =)

Yesterday we spent part of the day on the mountain getting firewood. I'm not sure why, but That is one of my all time favorite things to do. I Love the sound of chainsaws. It's such a busy comforting sound, and implies warm cozy winter nights, curled up by the fire. I think I may like getting wood even more then the cozy winter nights with the fire blazing. But, ya can't have one with out the other. I'm just mad at myself for forgetting the camera.



Adams Family said...

Ya, Dad loved it when we brought all of the neighbors leaves to our yard.
You are welcome to cut us some firewood just for that warm fuzzy feeling. :)

Boy Mom said...

Love it! It's always a bit of a let down when you land in that big, fluffy, pile with a frozen grass thud.

Sorry about your tooths (I guess that should be teeth), I really hate dental things.

Jenny said...

Yeah, I remember those leaf gathering plans too. Where did the excitement go? I love Chance in that first picture. He looks so excited, but something tells me he's a really good actor.

May your teeth rest in peace. ;)