Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Things to get us Through.

A busy day is just part of life I guess. It seems as though there are always a thousand things going on, and that may just possibly be, because I tend to put a few of my want to do's on my to do list. It keeps me sane. With five kids and seven schedules to keep up with I just go along hoping I don't forget anything. Or, at least if I do forget something, it happens to be throwing out the diaper I just changed, or possibly not getting the couches cleaned out from under. you know, something inconspicuous that I know Roger will notice, and do when he gets home. AH!! We make a good team. Yesterdays schedule: 6:00 AM Get Braden up and fed and mix up the bottles to feed the dogies. 6:15 Take Braden to Early Morning Basketball Conditioning. 6:40 Get home and smile because Caib is up, dressed and on his way out to feed the dogies. 6:45 Get Aubree up and dressed. feed the rest of the crew. 7:15 Get in the shower, get ready for the day. 7:40 Take Aubree to school and help all the kids in Loa who walk to school cross Main street. (I'm the crossing guard.) 8:08 Get home, water and feed the chickens. 8:18 Begin cleaning up from breakfast, clean bathrooms, sweep floors. 8:45 Babysit for a friend while she goes over to the school to do some volunteer work. 10:00 Go to the church to exercise 11:15 Come home, finish cleaning and mop, because my sister is coming down for a few days. 11:30 Help Chance clean up the toys that have been scattered, put clothes into dry and start another batch of Laundry. 12:05 Go pick up Aubree and help all the kids in Loa, who walk home, cross Main street. Feed my kids lunch. 12:30 Mix up milk for the Dogie lambs and feed them. There's six now that are still alive. :D 1:00 Check my emails read a few blogs. Think about blogging something, but don't 2:00 Take Braden to Piano lessons 2:40 Pick Braden up and run him over to the field so he can help dock the lambs. 3:00 Do more laundry. 4:30 Braden and Caib and Chance come in from docking lambs a little late, so I run them to Base ball practice and wait for them to finish 5:45 After waiting longer then I intended, I hurry to the store, pick up a couple of pizzas, run home, start preheating the oven, run in to my room, put on a skirt and freshen my make up and hair. 6:30 Go to the church for a women's conference. 8:45 Get home mix up dogie milk, after I change clothes of course, and Head out to feed the little lambs. 9:15 Back inside, I rush the kids into their P.J.'s 9:40 Say family prayers, tuck all my children into bed, except Oaklee who had a long nap, and I put in the movie I started watching some other time and lay down to finish watching it. 10:45 Roger gets home from work.

That's pretty much a typical day. except usually Roger gets home earlier then that. So, amidst all the have to do's to get by, and the rushing around trying to get things in order, and kept half way clean. I look down and see this little guy, wearing Chancee's socks. Now, that does make sense because he belongs to Chance, and I can only assume that Chance decided the little guy's feet were cold. So........What else could he have done?

It's amazing the strength we can find in the little things. I imagine I can go on and at least make it through another Wayne County spring because of the smile this brought to my face.

What WOULD we do with out the little things that make us smile?

So...Have a Little smile today :) Courtesy of Chance.

p.s. I think that it's a lamb, though I've never seen a blue and orange lamb before.


Julie Harward said...

You really are in the thick of things..I am jealous, I miss it! Cute lamikins here! ;D

Mercy Otis/The Stone House said...

WOW! You need to check an see if you have any legs left!!! THATSA ton of running around!!!LOL
I was tired after just reading everything you do in a day! LOL
I can remember days like that. Loading babies and little kids in the cab of the truck every so many hours to go check the heifers and see if any were having troubles calving....baling hay in the night while my kids slept in the camper shell on the back of the truck on the edge on the field, while the Mr. was cutting hay in the next field over.... walking up and down the ditch in the dark looking for the head gate I needed to pull.... milking a cow....and always, all the other jobs that have to be done as a mom.
I have missed blogging for a few weeks, just busy busy. Well I thought I was till I read your post today! :-) I'm not really sure now what I have been doing with all my time! LOL
I'm sure the Chancee's lamb had cold feet! As always, I did smile, and I was in need!
I want to respond to all your past posts that I have missed out on, but I'm short on time....( I'm pretty sure that word isn't even in your dictionary :-0) BUT YES, you do have GOLD or something far,far better really, in your sons. GOOD GOOD boys!
Hope I can get to my computer to do some blogging in the next few days.

Jenny said...

I'm super impressed! I can't believe all the things you do before I've even thought of getting up. I'm glad you have Chance to make you smile.