Tuesday, June 3, 2008

summer Vacation

Yeah! I'm taking a vacation too. Actually things have been so busy I just haven't had time to blog much. It all started with a doctor appointment last monday. That consists of driving an hour both ways. My Doctor is in Gunnison. On my way out the door The carpet guys called and asked me if they could come Wednesday instead of Thursday. "Of course" I told them "We'll have things all ready." Ha ha... I spent that night and the entire next day getting ready. They finished up Thursday.(Looks Great!!) and Friday, we had Baseball games in Monroe. Another hour away. Saturday, the cows went out and Sunday, I rested. Monday ,began the process of trying to get the basement all put back together. and I don't know if were gonna be ready for this baby to get here next month. Oh well ,nothing can stop that big event. Today I had quite an ordeal that was close to getting this baby here. Max, my sweet little Jack Russle decided tio help me feed the chickens this morning.

"OOOOHHH Can I help? Huh, Huh? Please, please, PLEASE?"

"Here let me hold this one down for you!!!! Grrrr, Hows that?" Pant ,Pant Wow look at these Birds fly, COOL!!!! Do it again do it again Wooo Hooo!!!!!" I love helping feed the birds"

Well Only one bird got out of the coop and as I got the stupid dog out of the coop I stepped on a rock and ended up in a not quite as graceful as I 'd have liked full splits, hitting the ground a little harder than I would have liked. Braden and Caib panicked just a little as they started hollering and chasing dogs and chicken. It just so happened that Molly (Rat Terrier)was out too and really, really wanted to help Max and me feast on the....... I mean feed the chickens.

Never again will I forget that the dogs are loose when I go to feed the chickens.

On a better note. Saturday when they took the cows out inspired this new poem.

The Day The Cows Go Out

The morning air is damp, dew is on the ground

But I can still see dust and hear a pleasing sound.

My cowboys woke up early and dressed and rushed away.

While grabbing spurs and saddles and lunches for the day.

And somewhere in the scurry from their beds and out the door,

They still had time to thank me like they've always done before.

The pleasing sound is of cowboys as they begin the day

A hoopin' and a hollerin' Contrasting mothers as they pray

that their cowboys won't be trampled,that the horses stay serene,

I's a comfort to the mothers Their prayers are just routine.

And as the morning sun begins to show her dazzling head

over hill and mountain gettin' dudes out of their bed

My boys are on their horses and the cows are raisin' dust

They're causin such a ruckus You'd think the fenses just might bust

But they finally get 'em gathered and out the open gate

they're headin' to the mountains where the cows all congregate.

The cows will settle down some as they hit the open trail

and it seems that's when the cowboys will finally exhale

It's something to look forward to the day the cows go out,

And the sound of working cowboys in the distance as they shout.

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Rick said...

Did you say that this was a vacation?