Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Gettin' There

Hah Hah, The garden is finally planted.
"This late?" You may ask.

Yeah, But here in Loa it really isn't late. My neighbor has replanted his garden two times and his tomatoes three times because of the cold.
So I ask, "Is it really all that late?"

We've had an extremely long hard winter and I don't think I have the energy to plant my garden twice. Last year I planted late and raised the best garden I've ever had. I even got Corn on the cob And not just the usual 10-12 ears. I had boxes of it. sure I had to hang my tomatoe plants upside down in the garage but I was eating home grown tomatoes for Thanksgiving. so..... Now all I really have to do by July is get that last room in the basement finished and Braden moved into it so that I can get the babies room ready upstairs. Yes! I'm getting there. It feels good!!!


Adams Family said...

I've had to grow my garden in those big black buckets that the boys get trees in before they plant them. I thought about growing two stalks of corn in one just for kicks but didn't.

Boy Mom said...

Hmm, sounds like nesting hope that little one isn't planning an early appearance.