Saturday, November 28, 2015

Christmas tree's 2015

This year getting our tree we had a blast until Braden got stuck. But, we got him out and then we had a blast!! Until Braden got stuck. But,we got him out and then we had a blast... Until.... But... And so we loaded Braden up with firewood found a beautiful tree that me and the girls, with the help of Chance, cut and dragged 1/4 of a mile....I didn't realize we'd cut such a heavy tree until I dragged it the first 1 foot!!! But we're tough, we got it most of the way before Dad took pity on us and drove to where we were. 
With Braden loaded with wood we figured things would go smoother we piled into the pickup to head home we were having a blast until Braden got stuck.... 
But hey I got a good senior picture of Caib👍🏼and I'm sure we'll make it home...eventually!

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smadamom said...

I love the picture of Caib!