Wednesday, October 16, 2013

School started, kids are busy and life got hectic for a couple of months.  I find it humorous that I keep thinking I'm too busy to blog, or write, or read, or do anything that might be beneficial...I think Satan squeezes those thoughts in and so we find time to do those things that are time wasters but we just don't have time to do anything else....Because "I'm just TOO busy"
 Last night a girl on the volleyball team brought me a little gift.  It meant more to me then I can express .I wasn't in the house when she came by...I wish I had been. It gave me a sense of relief to know that despite our history she is a Great person and will be...some day... a great mother. I truly do love those girls!

This morning my husband and I were trying to pull ourselves out of bed to begin the day. it was about 6:30AM ..and out of the blue He says to me, "I'm so grateful for you" Now...I don't care who you are or what the reason When your husband says that to you with as much feeling and sincerity that mine did, it makes your month. He did explain though. "Satan is attacking women," he said "If he can corrupt the women he's got it made"   You know that is exactly what I needed to hear this morning. because despite everything, there are definitely times when I start to second guess the choices I've made.  I pray good women everywhere can hang on!!

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