Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Ramblings on my birthday.

The end of April and first 2.5 weeks in may are pretty busy months for us.  
 April 29th Caibs Birthday.  just as I snapped the picture, Chance, Who's little hand you see in the background, flipped off the light.  It happened twice and I gave up.  So we get a nice dark blurry picture.
 May 7th Dad's Birthday The three little ones planned a nice party for him while the rest of us spent part of the evening at the FFA banquet for Braden and Caib.  We had to be their because both boys had earned  lot's of little awards. Braden was made the sentinel for next year.
May 12th Mothers day.  THAT was a great day.  Braden followed me around making sure I didn't work to much, He even set the table for dinner.  Caib wrote and gave a talk in sacrament meeting about his Mother.  Aubree spent extra time helping me with dinner that Dad was cooking. hmmmm.  Chance did what Chance does best..  "Mom, I LOVVVVE YOU!!! all day. and little Oaklee brought home a nice little M & M game for us to play and then insisted that we had to play it. We all had to pick an M&M from the bag and then ask or answer questions depending on the color. Yellow was "Name three reasons why you love me."  Her first answer......." because it's almost summer!"  Caib loved that one and used it every time he picked yellow.  Luv his sense of humor!!!

May 14th My birthday. And....I am never disappointed This year I got a new rototiller for my garden.  I actually got it a little early and had already used it but First thing this morning (sort of) I went out and tilled my garden again....because I could!!! Don't worry...We aren't late planting. In Loa you don't plant until after Memorial day or you'll have to replant.  It always freezes until then, and then some. =)

And on the 16th of May..Is Aubree's birthday....Poor thing we are usually all caked out by then and the excitement of birthday is rapidly wearing off but, we do endure to the end and throw a fun party for her.  

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Adams Family said...

Ah! Happy birthday!! I'm guessing that school starting in Aug. might be the cause of all the close birthdays.