Sunday, January 13, 2013

gotta share

 My to pool sharks.  There's a story here.... Caib and I were shooting pool while Oaklee waited her turn.  She kept coming in with her que stick and chalking up while she waited.  One time she comes in with her little stick and picks up the chalk yet again and holds it up looks closely at it and instead of chalking her stick she puts the chalk to her nose and twists....Caib couldn't resist he had to join her.
Finally her turn gets here

She and Caib played a round with their green noses...the funny part was on Oaklee's second turn she walks up to the table looks at the  set up and says, "I think I'm just gonna hit this one with my nose."

What a girl!!look at that concentration.


smadamom said...

I bet she is better than me or will be very soon.

Techno Grandma said...

Maybe I could beat Caib if I chalked my nose.