Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Chancee's chatterings, again

Chance, being in Kindergarten now, loves to make cards. Typical of a kid who is finally learning to write. This is his Christmas card to me this year. As he sat at the table he, of course, had to make sure that his spelling was all correct. But not only that, he decided to add a little punctuation.

He started with the typical, "Dear Mom, then he sat there for a minute and says, I think I want to put an exclamation point at the end of that because I don't want it to just say Dear mom, but I want it to sound exciting. so he proceeds to put an exclamation point after his opening. "There," he say's and reads it again with as much exclamative excitement as he can muster. "DEAR MOM!!" he then adds "I Love you" "hmm" he says I think this one needs an exclamation point, too. It's so easy to write one, it's just an upside down i" He finishes his card and again reads it out loud getting every bit of exclamation out of his upside down i's as possible.

I think this is my favorite Christmas card this year.

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Jenny said...

Yay! You posted about it. Chance is so funny.