Saturday, February 27, 2010

Chancee's Chatterings

This has Been a LONG winter!! That's O.K. I just wish it would end soon! We've had more sickness then normal and Cabin Fever is NOT something that is fun to deal with.
A few days ago I was doing my best to get Chance to eat his dinner. He's never been one of my better eaters, not because he doesn't like food, He just doesn't have time to eat and hates to be bothered. (He did not get that from me)

So, "Chance," Says I "You have got to eat ALL of your dinner."

"Why?" he responds

"Because," I say "You are getting a cold and your dinner has good germs in it that will fight the bad germs in your body that are making you sick."

"Really?" He says with one eyebrow cocked

"Yep," I say as I pretend to stab at him with an imaginary sword.

He must have believed me because he ate every bit of his soup, and he asks me about good germs and bad germs all the time. This kid is a pretty deep thinker. When you say something to him be prepared for many questions etc. about what ever it is you've told him.

So winter drags on not only with extra sickness but we've also had to deal with death this winter. Wednesday we spent the day at Great Grandma Chappells funeral. She was a wonderful person. She Married Great Grandpa after he lost his first wife in an airplane crash here in Wayne County. He had three young children, Rogers Mom was one of them. She was 8 years old at the time. (I Believe).

We gathered the kids around us as we got in the line for the viewing. We explained to them that we were going to see grandma for the last time and then they would be burying her. Chance didn't say much but you could tell his little mind was thinking about the whole experience. We slowly moved through the line and as we got closer to the casket I held on to Chancee's hand and held him up so he could see Great Grandma one last time. After setting him back down on the floor he stood there for a minute then looked up at me with a puzzled expression and asked.

"Mom, Did the bad germs win?"

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Project I'm Not Done With

I Have a good friend that gave me the idea of making a Family Missinary Board.You May be asking what this picture has to do with Missionaries, or missionary work. Absolutely Nothing! I found this picture while I was Looking for the two pictures below. I thought it was adorable. I also thought it looked a lot like my nephew Caleb. I still giggle everytime I look at it and picture Caleb in a cute little yellow dress.
So I'll leave this one to all my siblings out there. Does she look familiar?
So, Back to my project. While making my miissionary board I concluded that I wouldn't have enough room on my little 3'X2.5' board do do all my siblings and their spouses that went on missions, but I think I'm going to make a BIG one for My Mom where we can put all of her chilren and their spouses that served missions and where she can keep track of all the grandkids that are now starting to go, It'll have to be HUGE! This is the only picture of my mom that I could find that was closest to 21 years of age.
This is My Dad's Highschool Graduation picture. He actually joined the church after high school and went on his mission at age 21( I believe)

This is what I have done so far. Though it's hard to see I have a pin and string leading to each place that the people on the board served their missions. Origionally I was going to just do Roger, Me, and grandparents as far back as we could find. But, as I sit here thinking about it... I think I will do siblings and there spouses. I'm just going to have to make the pictures very small say 1.5 X 1 inch or smaller. It is A LOT of fun to see the excitement my kids have as they sit by the board and try to guess where they'll get to go on their missions.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So This is What it's Like Raising Cowboys!

I'll be danged if I'm gonna go out and buy fancy ski pants and wardrobe for a couple of cowboys that only ski once a year! It's nice that they are so excited about this annual ski trip that they could careless how they look. The middle school takes the kids with good grade point averages, and behavior and rewards them with a ski trip. This year Both Braden and Caib get to go.

Caib has been Soooooo excited. He even consented to go to the valentine dance at the middle school because if the boys didn't show up for school that day they would miss out on the ski trip. Yes, the middle school also takes time to teach the kids proper respect for girls and proper behavior at dances.

So, the boys each have a pair of Carhart winter coveralls. Perfect!! Well Braden has out grown his so he's going to wear mine. I don't use them, so much, anymore since I quit raising calves at the Dairy. Caibs are only a couple of inches to short, due to the fact that he's so tall and skinny, But with ski boots on no one should notice. I did splurge last year and bought Braden something besides leather work gloves to take with him, and I think they both realize that there cowboy hat's might not be the best option while flying down hills at undetermined and out of control speed. So there you go.

What did you expect when you decide to take a bunch of kids skiing, from a little cow town way out west? But, I can guarantee these kids will come home warm, having had the time of there lives and hopefully with only minor bumps and bruises. At least fewer bruises then they got this last weekend, as their Grandpa pulled them around the hay field in an old water trough hitched to the back of the pick up. I think there was a little snow left on the ground. The funnest part of all, said Braden, was when they caught air every time they hit a frozen cow pie.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Chance is at it Again

You may recall the letters Chance would make with his food or any other item that he could contort into a letter. Well, he has now moved into his creative mind. He yelled at me from the other room a few days ago. "MOM,! He hollered "I made you something." I came into the room and with an excited grin he said "See, I made you a giraffe"
I know Chance isn't some sort of wonder child, none of my kids are I don't want child prodigies. I just want my kids. But if you could see the excitement that Chance has for every tiny little thing in life, You might just want him, too. I love this kids excitement and determination. He sat and visited with my doctor last weekend while I was in the hospital with Oaklee. They talked for quite a while about the things Chance was going to build when he grew up. The Doctor had asked him what he was going to be when he grew up and with out hesitation he replied "I'm gonna be a builder,"
"Oh really" Says Dr Nay, "What are you going to build?"
Eagerly Chance begins telling him, "I'm gonna build Houses and um, sky....high uh, sky highs."
"Wow, sky highs?" says the doctor.
"Yep, and Barns" says Chance.
Even if Chance doesn't become a "Builder" he will always be a builder. He'll build people's enthusiasm and excitement for life and everything else. What a kid!!!!!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Rare Footage

this is one of those raremoment's when you're glad the camera was in the right place. The boy's had picked up my book of Disney songs and they were flipping through and singing the ones they know. It was humerous to sit and listen. I don't think they will find it humerous that I blogged about it.