Wednesday, February 17, 2010

So This is What it's Like Raising Cowboys!

I'll be danged if I'm gonna go out and buy fancy ski pants and wardrobe for a couple of cowboys that only ski once a year! It's nice that they are so excited about this annual ski trip that they could careless how they look. The middle school takes the kids with good grade point averages, and behavior and rewards them with a ski trip. This year Both Braden and Caib get to go.

Caib has been Soooooo excited. He even consented to go to the valentine dance at the middle school because if the boys didn't show up for school that day they would miss out on the ski trip. Yes, the middle school also takes time to teach the kids proper respect for girls and proper behavior at dances.

So, the boys each have a pair of Carhart winter coveralls. Perfect!! Well Braden has out grown his so he's going to wear mine. I don't use them, so much, anymore since I quit raising calves at the Dairy. Caibs are only a couple of inches to short, due to the fact that he's so tall and skinny, But with ski boots on no one should notice. I did splurge last year and bought Braden something besides leather work gloves to take with him, and I think they both realize that there cowboy hat's might not be the best option while flying down hills at undetermined and out of control speed. So there you go.

What did you expect when you decide to take a bunch of kids skiing, from a little cow town way out west? But, I can guarantee these kids will come home warm, having had the time of there lives and hopefully with only minor bumps and bruises. At least fewer bruises then they got this last weekend, as their Grandpa pulled them around the hay field in an old water trough hitched to the back of the pick up. I think there was a little snow left on the ground. The funnest part of all, said Braden, was when they caught air every time they hit a frozen cow pie.


Julie Harward said...

You have such awesome boys/young men and I know they will have a blast! I'll bet grandpa had more fun than they did lOL :D

Rachel said...

I can't get over it, your kids are getting so big!

More Joy in "The Service" said...

Peace!!! I love your kids!! They are so cute!

Techno Grandma said...

How did the ski trip go?