Monday, May 5, 2008

Pleasant surprises

Our basement flooded. So insurance kicked in and we are re carpeting it. The surprise is we have to have the whole basement emptied and ready for new carpet by Wednesday! Plus we discovered in the one room that we not only have to paint but we have to re sheet rock. The walls behind the beautiful 70's wallpaper were just cardboard boxes and old magazines. No wonder they had so much give when you pressed on them. Oh well, Life is always interesting when you live in a house that dates back over a hundred years in some portions of the home.

It would probably be a whole lot worse discovering these nice little secrets about our home if we didn't know that it was the Great Grandma of our children who so frugally fixed up her home and made it as nice as she could for her family. I can't help but think that she still spends a lot of time here tyring to keep things in order, and every time we update a room she must sigh with relief that it held up until we discovered and fixed the things that could be disastrous. If you look closely on the upper right side of the picture you can see one of the old magazines hanging down.. Yes the ceiling was cardboard and magazines as well.

And how do you like the plumbing? That pipe is the drain to my kitchen sink and Yes! the boys have hung on it broke it and I drained my sink into the basement for who knows how long before I discovered the cause of the mildewy smell.

By the way. This is my dream house. I just keep dreaming that one day we will have everything in order and updated. Hey!!! ya gotta dream!!!

So I'll post some pictures of the room when we finally get it put back together.

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