Friday, August 29, 2008

A Final Attempt

For two days now I have been trying to email these pictures to a friend. The reason being: She gave me these cute little outfits and I wanted her to be able to see them on Oaklee. But, I must be out in the pasture 'cause I could not get them to go, so, knowing that I could at least blog them and she, as well as the rest of the world, could see them that's what I've done.

There ya go, Jo. The bottom picture was her first smile for a camera. I got lucky.

Thursday, August 28, 2008


a cousin of Rogers has a cute little one year old girl that has a pair of shoes that squeak when she walks. We all get a kick out of them and laugh at how cute she is for the first five or so minutes that she squeaks around. I have to admit, though, that after that the smiles seem to become more of a grimace and the discussion turns to "Well, you shouldn't ever loose track of her." Grimace.
It occur ed to me, as my youngest cowboy was clinking around all summer long with his spurs on that go "Jingle Jingle Jangle" and insisting that he is a cowboy,and his name is Woody, That, though not quite as annoying as the squeak, they could be considered a close second.
I love the uniqueness of each child. Thank heavens they're all so darn cute, or this world would be one gigantic grimace.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Just hangin out and helping Dad

Braden has been so excited this summer because he gets to break his very first colt. Sammy is about two years old. He was born right out here in our littlle pasture beside the house. The boys have played with him and been around him so much That the horse is about as gentle as you'll find. so I guess the proper phrase would be, Braden is going to train him. Last night Roger didn't get home until after dark so Braden went out and saddled Sammy by himself, put the bridle on him and then got brave enough to climb on to his back. Sammy stood there a minute then turned his head looked at Braden nuzzled his leg and acted as if he'd been born with a cowboy on his back. Nothing to it.

By the way notice the nice corral They're in. That was last Saturdays project. Roger and the boys spent about the whole day building this round corral just for the pupose of starting Sammy.

This was Chancee's favorite part about building the corral, digging the post holes. Yeah Roger's dug so many post holes that he digs them perfectly now. Look how round and perfect That hole is. It amazes me.
Truthfully I had to scroll back through the pictures I,d posted to make sure You couldn;t see the post hole digger on the back of the tractor.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

New Pictures

Can you tell who gets all the attention at our house? We sure love little Oaklee. But she does take up a lot of time. I Sure love to sit and hold her and enjoy her. She's gained a whole pound in three and a half weeks.